Jeff & Julie Womble – 290 Broad Creek Loop Rd. Newport, NC 28570 

Just wanted to give a Plug for the Hitchcock’s.

I sent Bill an email back in Feb. I told him we were looking for a place close to a boat ramp and somewhere to sleep. We closed on a place 2 weeks ago and couldn’t be happier.

We live 5 hours away (Clemmons) looking for a place in Morehead area. Bill and Margaret took all the work out of it for us. Sent us updates and picture. Set-up showings for Saturdays. Set us up with Lawyers and Lenders, ECT.

They knew we were not a multimillion-dollar client, but they sure made us feel like we were.

I highly recommend Bill & Margaret. It does not cost the Buyer anything to get the hardest working Real Estate team in Carteret County.

We also made two great friends along the way.

Thanks Bill and Margaret!

Jeff & Julie Womble April 20, 2007


Mr. Jeff Womble