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Home Price Comparison Across North Carolina

Homes prices can differ radically between counties here in the mid coastal region of North Carolina. But how do we compare in price and market with the rest of the state? You might be surprised where the cheapest homes are and what market place is doing the best. The North Carolina Association of Realtors gathers monthly data from all of its participating multiple listing service (MLS) members across the state. The most recent data just released is for September. It showed that the average sold price...
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Fishing Report For Crystal Coast Cobias

Cobias. Hold on to your hats, gaffs, rods and reels. The weather has been wild and wooly this past week and so has the fishing. We’ve got a classic Crystal Coast cobia catch report to get out to you. June is the month where the cobias fishing along the Crystal Coast is best. Cobias are migrating up the coast line this time of year towards Virginia and Maryland. They will move along our shorelines and into the sounds and backwaters…

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Coastal Property Insurance Pool

The Coastal Property Insurance Pool, formerly known as the Beach Plan, was created in 1969 by the North Carolina General Assembly to provide an adequate market for essential property insurance, ensuring the economic welfare of the beach and coastal areas of North Carolina. The Coastal Property Insurance Pool is not a facility of North Carolina state government; however, the plan of operation is subject to…

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