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Onslow and Carteret Real Estate Market Report

Onslow and Carteret County real estate markets have been very different from each other this past year. One was up and the other down. It appears to be a culmination of a five year trend. Carteret County currently has a median sold price of $185K. Onslow County is right at $160K. It may be a surprise to some to see how close in price the two counties are. But we are using median prices and not average prices. Median prices are the price point in the...
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Crystal Coast Real Estate News and Market Report

There is some great news from the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) for first and second time home buyers, for those wanting to refinance their home or if you find yourself, “underwater” with your current loan. FHA is now offering several programs that can be accessed online and claiming to offer the lowest rates in the state! And here is the kicker-It’s all free of charge!

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Homeowner Insurance Rates to Increase

Homeowner Insurance Rates. On March 5, 2013 Wayne Goodwin, North Carolina Insurance Commissioner signed an agreement with insurance companies allowing a statewide rate increase of homeowner insurance of on average 7 percent. The actual rates vary tremendously according to individual territories within the state. The North Carolina Rate Bureau, which represents the insurance companies, had requested an overall statewide….

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