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Home and Land Sales. Things You Need To Know

Over the past month, a total of 1,439 single family homes were on the market for sale along the Crystal Coast (Carteret County). Of those homes, 116 of them were sold. These sold homes averaged 135 days on market. By the way, 135 days or roughly 4 months is a quick turnaround time for selling a home. So why did 19 percent of the available homes sell while 81 percent of the other properties sat? Assuming all marketing efforts were equal, then it boils down to...
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Mortgage Interest Rates On 5 Week Rise

Mortgage interest rates are on the rise. For five consecutive weeks 30 year fixed mortgage interest rates have gone up and it has caused a panic in both the lending and housing markets. The weekly rise has averaged 10 points bringing interest rates that were around 3.50 percent to currently tipping over the 4 percent mark. Applications for home loans have spiraled down. Why the rapid increase in historically low mortgage…

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Home Value. How Much Is My Home Worth?

Home Value. How Much Is My Home Worth? Home value. How much Is my home worth? When someone is considering to list their home on the open market the first question that usually comes to mind is how much is it worth. Often times the listing broker that recommends the highest valuation gets the listing. But do you know why that could be a big mistake. What about home values? Have you ever wondered how a broker…

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