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Mortgage Rates Are Getting Ready To….

Mortgage rates. Where are they and what are they getting ready to do? Last December 31, 2013 the 30 year fixed mortgage rate was at 4.69 percent. That’s the highest it has been over a 3 month period. Right now the mortgage rate for a 30 year fixed is hovering around 4.5 percent. A year ago it was a full percentage point lower than that. But what does the future hold? On January 28-29 the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will hold one of eight scheduled...
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Crystal Coast Home and Condo Report

Here is a very good overview of the Crystal Coast real estate market as it stands right now. Price, location, inventory and financing are all discussed. It covers 2013 in review and the status of things here and now. It’s clear, concise and to the point! Crystal Coast Home Sold Prices.The median sold price of a Crystal Coast home in 2013 was $184K. The average sold price was $234K. The reason for the…

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Crystal Coast Fishing Report

North Carolina is blessed to have an excellent winter time fishery. We reap the benefits of two worlds with the Gulf Stream from the south and the Labrador Current from the north converging right off the point of Hatteras. Each unique water system brings with it its own particular brand of fish. Mix that in with the resident North Carolina population of species and you have the makings of world class fishing and catching! King mackerel and wahoo will dominate the inshore and offshore...
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Crystal Coast Foreclosures and Short Sales

The Crystal Coast and surrounding counties saw a lot of foreclosures and short sale activity this past month. Mixed in was the stunningly high rate of cash sales. But do the two necessarily go hand in hand? And are foreclosures and short sales really worth the added hassles?

Crystal Coast Distressed Sales

Approximately 7 percent of all homes listed in the Crystal Coast and surrounding counties were some type of distressed property. This can be deceptive to the public because most of the time there is no...
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Cold Weather Very Hot Fishing

How good is this fishing right now? Heck, even the charter captains are bragging about the charter captains! “Captain Brian Harrington was Beeliner fishing yesterday in 110 feet of water and had a Wahoo in that shallow water eating the Beeliners off of the hook as he pulled them up,” reports Captain Dale Britt from the sportfishing vessel The Sensation. Captain Britt went on to report of citation size wahoo catches…

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New Year Brings New Loan Requirements

Starting January 1, 2014, there will be a multitude of changes in mortgage lending practices as a result of the implementation of the, “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010”. In short, some 16 new and heavy regulations on banks and lending institutions will go into full effect. Here are some of the ways the Act will affect you…

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Crystal Coast and Area Fishing Report

You got to love the coast this time of year. Freezing cold temperatures and snow followed up 2 days later with 70 degree temperatures and sunshine. The fishing here is very much like the weather, it can change radically on a day by day basis. Where offshore fishing has been next to nil, the inshore fishing has been hot! Speckled trout fishing has really turned on with this cold snap. All ocean jetties are producing speckled trout. The most famous and most fished Read more

Home Price Comparison Across North Carolina

Homes prices can differ radically between counties here in the mid coastal region of North Carolina. But how do we compare in price and market with the rest of the state? You might be surprised where the cheapest homes are and what market place is doing the best. The North Carolina Association of Realtors gathers monthly data from all of its participating multiple listing service (MLS) members across the state. The most recent data just released is for September. It showed that the average sold price...
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