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April, 2013 Real Estate Market Report

During the month of April beach water temperatures along the Crystal Coast always jump up 5, 7 even 10 degrees within a very short period of time. Not only does this rapid increase in water temperatures signal the beginning of great fishing along our coast but it is also the harbinger of things to come in regards to real estate. This past April was no different. There were a total of 122 residential properties sold during April…

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The Beautiful Crystal Coast of NC

The Crystal Coast’s 1064 square miles is nearly half land and half water. It is composed of 531 square miles of land and 533 square miles of water. Crystal Coast beaches face south from the southern point of Core Banks at Cape Lookout to the west end of Bogue Banks. Therefore, the sun rises, sets and tracks along the ocean beaches for the length of each day. The day-long sparkle on the ocean water gives…

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