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Crystal Coast April Market Summary

The Crystal Coast of North Carolina has always had a very unique and diverse real estate market. It is a market within itself with no other area that can compare to it. Find out what is trending and what surprising results have shown during the month of April. Some interesting things are happening with active listings. 17 percent of all listings in April were new on market properties, making 1 in 5 properties first timers.

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Home Value. How Much Is My Home Worth?

Home Value. How Much Is My Home Worth? Home value. How much Is my home worth? When someone is considering to list their home on the open market the first question that usually comes to mind is how much is it worth. Often times the listing broker that recommends the highest valuation gets the listing. But do you know why that could be a big mistake. What about home values? Have you ever wondered how a broker…

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Homebuyers Mystified by Mortgages

Homebuyers. Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power.” But a recent survey just released about home buyer’s knowledge about mortgages and mortgage lending reveals that a lot of us have something to learn and it’s costing us money. “Time is money” said Benjamin Franklin. If you are having any thoughts of buying or refinancing a home now is the time to learn about financing….

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