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Full Service Seller Brokerage

Hitchcock Realty offers full service seller brokerage. This means that we handle all aspects of the real estate selling process for you. It also means that we have established working relations with ancillary industries which enables Hitchcock Realty to expedite the home selling process.

Hitchcock Realty is a Realtor member agency. We have full access to the Realtor local, state and national Multiple Listing Service (MLS) websites including The Hitchcock Realty internet syndication feed reaches over 60 nationally recognized listing websites such as Zillow, You Tube and eBay.

We are media and marketing professionals with over 30 years of award winning experience. We know how to leverage broadcast, print and the internet in producing results. Click Media and Marketing for a more detailed description of what we do for our clients.

Our traditional forms of marketing include signage and full color marketing materials designed exclusively by Hitchcock Realty for each of our listed properties. Your home will be featured in the region’s premiere property publication, “Homes and Land Magazine”.

We will arrange, schedule and show your property to qualified buyers. We follow up all showings to check buyer interest and answer any questions they may have.

Real estate transactions are heavily regulated by local and state law. Hitchcock Realty will make sure all of the contracts and forms are filled out properly and that guidelines and procedures are followed.

Contract negotiations including price, terms and conditions is an area of expertise for us. You the seller and Hitchcock Realty determine from the outset what the objectives are. It’s our job to see to it that those goals are reached.

Property valuation is one of the most crucial aspects of the selling process. Get it wrong and everyone pays. Hitchcock Realty understands market conditions and trends and offers custom market analysis with a proven track record.

According to Wikipedia Integrity is a concept of “consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions.”

Integrity and Hard work are the cornerstones of Hitchcock Realty.

Marketing & Videos

Hitchcock Realty listings can be found on Talk Radio, You Tube,, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Zillow, Trulia, Century 21, ReMax and in Homes and Land Magazine. We produce broadcast quality property videos and stream them online for the world to see.  Hitchcock Realty sells homes employing marketing strategies and techniques that no other eastern North Carolina real estate agency uses. We have over 15 years of real estate experience. Tap in to some of our proven strategies below. Click here for a sample of our property video.


90 percent of home buyers looked online during the property search process. 52 percent chose online search as their first step in the buying process according to a study done by Google and the National Association of Realtors. Hitchcock Realty is the only eastern North Carolina real estate agency who has succeeded online in the private sector. We bring these skills and experiences to real estate and you.

Online with Major Newspapers and Websites

Our multiple listing service participates with the Real Estate Network. This enables Hitchcock Realty listings to be seen on 58 different national sites such as Century 21, ReMax, RealtyTrac, AOL Real Estate and HUD Seeker .

Hitchcock Realty’s arrangement with Homes and Land Magazine enables choice listings to be seen online with such giants as the New York Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal.  Our listing can also be found at real estate website powerhouses like, Zillow and Trulia. And no online campaign would be complete without being on You Tube and Craig’s List.

Hitchcock Realty Produces Videos

It’s hard to believe but a whopping *182 million Americans are online every day. 85 percent of those online users are watching video. One of Hitchcock Realty’s marketing strategies is utilizing the internet to leverage its full potential by streaming full bandwidth videos online. We produce our own property videos and have found it to be one of our most effective marketing tools. Not a virtual tour which is nothing more than still photographs stitched together. Our property videos can be found at the Hitchcock Realty website, You Tube, MLS, Homes & Land,, Facebook and many more sites.

Property videos are also burned onto DVD and mailed to or handed out to clients.

No other eastern North Carolina real estate agency does all of this!

* comScore Video Metrix, a global leader in digital measurement

Homes and Land Magazine

Hitchcock Realty is a proud partner with Homes and Land Magazine. This full color, glossy magazine can be found all across North Carolina and regions of the United States. There are thousands of locations where Homes and Land Magazine can be found. You can even have this monthly publication delivered to your home free of charge. Better yet access Homes and Land Magazine online. Contact Margaret Hitchcock today to see some of the beautiful photography and property advertisements created by Hitchcock Realty than can be seen in the magazine.

Marketing and Media Professionals

What does “marketing” mean? Most real estate brokers say they will, “market your property” but what does it mean? Better yet, ask a real estate broker what it means and you may be surprised by their answer (or lack thereof!).

Hitchcock Realty comes from a media background. We are television and radio producers, web site creators, writers, publicists, computer technicians and webmasters. We have won national and international awards and accolades. Utilizing all forms of media in marketing, sales, advertising and promotions is what we have done for decades.

We invite you to compare our experience and marketing strategies to any other real estate agency. The choice will be made clear as to who to pick.

Hard Facts You Must Know

Time and Price

The goal when listing a home is to sell it at the maximum price in the least amount of time. To accomplish both the time and price goals one of the things that must be done is to value your home appropriately when first put on the market. Under valued homes save time and sell quick but reduce the amount of your return. Overpriced homes sit without being shown, waste time and produce zero returns.

Hitchcock Realty understands the importance of proper valuations. We’ll give you an estimation of fair market value of your home before we list and discuss your goals and options in selling.  With proper pricing and our understanding of market conditions we can allow for the appropriate time to sell your home.

The Crystal Coast Market Conditions

In a normal stable real estate market it takes about 6 months for the entire housing inventory to sell. That’s why listing agreements traditionally were that length. But the last time the Crystal Coast had a 6 month supply of inventory was back in 2005. Housing inventories have reached as high as an astounding 24 months in the years to follow. Fortunately the Crystal Coast inventory has receded back to around a 16-18 month supply of homes, triple the amount of what would be considered, “normal” or “stable”.

The Crystal Coast real estate market has never been able to handle more than 800-900 homes on market successfully, for sale at a time. The market has been averaging 2,000 homes for sale since 2007.

What does this all mean to you the seller? It means old school real estate doesn’t work anymore. It means a firm understanding of market conditions by your real estate broker is mandatory. It also means that you need an experienced marketing professional that goes beyond just an MLS listing and a photo mention in a real estate magazine.

Hitchcock Realty is the only eastern North Carolina real estate agency with national and international media awards and accolades. We also have 15 years of real estate experience. We are proven and results oriented. We know how to create campaigns that draw buyers to your home.

Flat Fee Limited MLS Available with Hitchcock Realty!

Selling your house on your own? Great! Now For Sale By Owner (FSBO) have access to one of the most powerful tools in the real estate industry-The Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

“MLSs are a powerful force for competition. They level the playing field so that the smallest brokerage in town can compete with the biggest multi-state firm.”

That’s right! The most powerful tool in a real estate broker’s arsenal is now available to the FSBO with Flat Fee Limited Service MLS listing through Hitchcock Realty.

You maintain complete control of your listing but get exposure in the Realtor’s MLS. All Realtors will be able to see your listing. Realtors with their buyer clients will be able to contact you directly for showings, questions and to submit offers directly to you. Your full contact information will be displayed and disclosed to real estate brokers.

Imagine! Your home listed in the MLS locally, statewide and nationally at

In fact through our Hitchcock Realty MLS syndication feed your listing will be seen on national websites like Zillow, Trulia, You Tube, Yahoo, AOL, eBay, Homes and Land and many, many more. Currently there are over 640 regional and national listing services and websites that will list your property if you sign up for the Flat Fee Limited MLS Service through Hitchcock Realty.

Hitchcock Realty offers several levels of Flat Fee Limited MLS Service. Each is tailored specifically to your needs and requirements. You pay a small onetime fee for the service you want and that’s it! You could potentially save thousands of dollars in commissions with Flat Fee Limited MLS over a traditional listing.

Contact Margaret Hitchcock today at (252) 269-2893 for details on how you can list your property on the Realtor’s MLS, maintain complete control of your listing and potentially save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions!

Additional Services Available with Flat Fee Limited Listing

Need help with the real estate documents and filling out paperwork such as an Offer to Purchase and Contract? Maybe you are not very good at photography? Or would you really like to showcase your property with a professionally produced video that streams online? Hitchcock Realty comes from a media background. Our in house professionals have over 30 years of broadcast television and radio experience plus award winning website credentials.

Contact Margaret Hitchcock at (252) 269-2893 if you are in need of forms and documentation preparation, photography and graphic design, television and video production and web mastering services.

For Sale By Owner or “FSBO”

Some homeowners attempt to sell without the services of a real estate professional. This is a costly and time consuming approach that most often does not produce the expected results. Just ask the founder of Not only was he unable to sell his own home but had to hire a Realtor to get the job done. But the story doesn’t end there. It gets better. Read the following article from the Daily Mail about Colby Sambrotto, creator of The Wall Street Journal first reported the story.

“The founder of a website helping people to sell their own homes has found a buyer for his own apartment – with the help of a traditional real estate broker. creator Colby Sambrotto even paid the standard 6% commission after selling his two-bedroom New York condo for $2.15 million.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mr Sambrotto spent six months trying to sell the apartment in trendy Chelsea through online listings and classified adverts

But the DIY home selling guru eventually decided to turn the sale over to a professional.

Not only did broker Jesse Buckler set the price $150,000 higher than the original asking price, he went on to lure the elusive buyer Mr Sambrotto’s self-help methods had failed to attract.

The Journal said the 2,000-square-foot apartment at The Lion’s Head building near Sixth Avenue is now under contract.” Read more of this FSBO story.

Every great sale starts somewhere. Yours starts here. Contact Hitchcock Realty today for detail marketing plan for your property.

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