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It’s that simple. Video really sells real estate online where over 70% of consumers watch video on the internet.

Only Hitchcock Realty can offer you in-house video production from broadcast professionals. With over 50 years of television experience the producers at Hitchcock Realty will produce an exceptional presentation that sells your property.

How effective is video when it come to selling your property? Don’t take it from us. Listen to what the television program, “Good Morning America” on ABC Network has to say.

“As the economy continues to suffer, real estate agents across the country are feeling the pinch. But many hope that a new selling technique called video open houses could help curb the decline in sales. “You capture all the essence of the fireplace going or the fans moving,” Anthony Benton of told “Good Morning America.” “Just little things that make you feel like you are in that room. You are actually there.”

Professional Video Sells Real Estate - Contact Hitchcock RealtyWith half of Internet users regularly watching video on the Web, it was a market real estate agents simply could not stay away from, and myriad production companies have sprung up that specialize in shooting videos for home sales. Not too long ago, 360-degree static tours – often just a string of still photographs stitched together – were the height of virtual tour technology. Now these production companies are helping real estate agents take the tours to the next level.

“It’s much more dynamic, much more succinct, much more quality flow than the old snap-and-shoot photos allowed,” Dale Mattison of the National Association of Realtors said. “So it just brings a new dimension, a new reality to the experience for the consumer.” The videos tilt up to show off soaring ceilings, zoom in on gourmet appliances or peek out the window to show off charming neighborhoods – and it’s all professionally narrated.”

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