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In North Carolina all real estate brokers represent the seller by default. When you call a listing broker about one of their listings it is the brokers’ legal responsibility to look after the sellers best interest and not you the buyer. They are to get the highest price and the best deal for the seller. They are also responsible for their office listings and none other.

So how can a buyer be protected, represented and see all of the properties that are listed on the open market?

Buying Real Estate: We Represent You Not The Seller

We can represent you exclusively as your legal representative. This includes property search, due diligence, deed and septic investigation, contract negotiations, legal documents and preparation, issues concerning flood zones, districting, health hazardous, military, noise impact zones, insurance and mortgage lending.

Buying Real Estate: No Fee

There is no fee to you when working through the Realtor Multiple Listing Service (MLS). For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties are negotiated between the FSBO and Hitchcock Realty. Contact our office for complete details.

buying real estate, foreclosures and short sales in morehead cityBuying Real Estate: Exclusively Crystal Coast Property Search Engine

Every property listed by every real estate agency along the Crystal Coast can be found in the Hitchcock Realty property search engine. Buying real estate as just become so much easier! Simply log in what you’re looking for in a house such as the city, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, square footage and such. The Hitchcock Realty search engine will automatically pull every listing that matches your entry.

Each result comes with a detailed property description, photographs, map and directions. You can save your search and even email the results directly from the web site!

Buying Real Estate: Your Own Web Page

Hitchcock Realty will create your own password protected web page. This is a powerful tool that enables you to post and receive pictures, store your favorite listings, access documents and communicate with us. You can share your web page with friends and families and get their input on properties and listings you are thinking about buying! You no longer have to send a multitude of emails with bulking attachments. Just send everyone to your very own, password protected web page! Buying Real Estate Made Simple!

Buying Real Estate: Relocation and Long Distance House Hunting

How would you like to be buying real estate from Iraq, Afghanistan or any other part of the world? Hitchcock Realty has represented buyers while they were actively serving our country in the Middle East region. Armed with only an i-phone our active duty buyer clients have been able to look for properties in our search engine, communicate through their private web page we create for them, receive documents and correspondents and even help arrange financing. With the aid of a spouse state side for site survey’s and inspection Hitchcock Realty has successfully closed on properties while buyers have been thousands of miles away.

Buying Real Estate: The Process Made Simple

We simplify buying real estate process by being your eyes and legs while you’re not here. Hitchcock Realty will visit any property of interest for you. We’ll inspect it for any possible deficiencies, take pictures, interview the listing broker, and visit places like the deeds or tax offices if need be.  If this is a property of interest to you then Hitchcock Realty will do everything necessary until you can come and see it yourself.

buying real estate foreclosures and short sales in north carolinaBuying Real Estate: Foreclosures and Short Sales

A distress sale should be quick and easy! Just offer half the asking price and the bank will gladly let you take the problem off their hands, right?

Wrong! The fact is that foreclosures and short sales are neither quick nor easy. Banks will not let a property go at “fire sale” prices. Too many buyers think a distress sale means a desperate sale. It does not.

The reality of buying real estate when they are distress sales is that the process can be extensive, laborious with little or no room for negotiating terms. Buyer qualifications are stringent with monies having to be readily available before an offer will even be considered.

Each foreclosure and short sale is different from another and unique unto itself. The down payment requirements change from bank to bank. Buyer qualification requirements change from bank to bank. Steps and requirements are added to the buying process such as special addendum forms, bank disclosures and preliminary HUD statements. The buying time can be greatly extended with a lot more preparation required. And at the end of the day even a full price offer could be rejected. It all can be very confusing and extremely frustrating.

The good news is that Hitchcock Realty has hands on experience in dealing with distress property sales. We know what to do and can successfully navigate through the ever changing maze of distress sale requirements. Buying real estate is what we are here to help you do!

Is it all worth it? It sure can be because Crystal Coast foreclosures and short sales can present some fantastic buying opportunities. But it takes time and an experienced real estate agency like Hitchcock Realty to close the deal successfully.

Buying real estate starts somewhere. Yours starts here. Contact Hitchcock Realty today and let us help you in obtaining your goals and dreams.

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