Hitchcock Realty formed in 2005 with experienced management and hands on professionals. The agency built credibility quickly in a highly competitive and volatile coastal real estate market as a result of its work ethic, due diligence, and customer care.

In 2017 Hitchcock Realty continues its tradition of success by evolving with an ever changing legal, financial and real estate world.

Located in Morehead City, Hitchcock Realty serves all of the Crystal Coast and Carteret County including Beaufort, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Newport, Down East, Swansboro as well as the neighboring counties of Pamlico, Craven, and Onslow.

The Changed Real Estate Market & What Can We Do For You.

The Crystal Coast real estate market has not been “normal” for almost 8 years. The number of homes for sale has consistently been 2-3 times greater than what the market has ever been able to bear. Foreclosures and short sales that just a few years ago weren’t even tracked now compose 15-25 percent of all sales. As a result cash sales are at an all time high with a whopping 25 percent of them having no need of financing.

Mortgage interest rates have been at historic low levels. A 30 year fixed mortgage rate has been hovering around 3.5 percent. 15 year fixed mortgage rates have been below 3 percent. Getting a loan through has presented special challenges and often times extremely difficult to obtain. Credit score and income requirements no longer reflect what was acceptable just a couple of years prior.

North Carolina real estate laws and procedures have changed dramatically since the inflation and deflation of the housing bubble. Stacks of legal documents are now involved in the home buying and home selling process. The criteria for home appraisals, home inspections, and bank loans have changed. And the cold hard fact about foreclosure sales is that although deals can be made they are usually at the cost of a lot of time and legalities.

Weather and environmental events have greatly changed how North Carolina regulates properties and how properties are insured.

Legal, finance, insurance and procedural processes of buying and selling real estate have all evolved rapidly of recent. This evolution continues.  Going at it alone really isn’t an option. Even the creator of the For Sale By Owner website sold his personal property through a real estate broker.

With an accomplished, well-versed, seasoned veteran real estate broker you can buy or sell your home or property. Margaret Hitchcock of Hitchcock Realty is that professional. She will work the most advantageous transaction for you under whatever circumstances you are dealing with. You are unique and each property is unique. Margaret will treat both accordingly in obtaining that buy or sell for you.