Fascinating Findings: What Home Buyers Really Want!

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) just released results from a survey they conducted. They wanted to find out what home buyers do and do not want in their new home. According to NAHB, “The survey asked buyers to rate over 120 features as either essential, desirable, indifferent, or do not want.”  The findings may surprise you. Some may even make you laugh! But builders, Realtors and home sellers really need to pay attention to some of these findings.

Home Buyer’s No-No’s

Let’s start with what home buyers do not want. First and foremost home buyers across the US do not care about an elevator. Most of the, “do not wants” have nothing to do with the home but with the community. Buyers do not want to live in a golf course community, high density community, gated community or in a mixed use community.

These are interesting findings seeing as how most tend to be desirable attributes along the NC coastal region.

“More than half of all buyers also discard the option of having only a shower stall in the master bathroom with no tub (51%), and many are saying ‘no’ to two-story spaces as well,” according to NAHB.

So what do home buyers want most? It is simple, energy efficiency.

“94% of home buyers want energy-star rated appliances, 91% want an energy-star rating for the whole home, 89% want energy-star rated windows, and 88% want ceiling fans,” Reports NAHB.

Next of importance is a laundry room, especially one with a linen closet. The desire for space continues on into the garage. Home buyers want a garage with space to store bicycles, sporting and gardening equipment. 85% of the buyers want a walk-in pantry too.

The one item that gave cause for a giggle was 90% of home buyers wanted to make sure their new bathroom had an exhaust fan. What some would think a given, others deem a priority. Either that or we had a generation that grew up without one.

In my opinion, real estate is about the buyer, not the seller. The industry tends to get that backwards. Nothing sells if a buyer doesn’t buy. It would behoove us all to pay close attention to what the home buyers told the home builders what they want to buy in this latest survey.

Margaret HitchcockMargaret Hitchcock is a Realtor and owner/operator of Hitchcock Realty in Morehead City along the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Whether it is a home or condo, on the beach or mainland be sure to contact Margaret today. Visit her online at www.HitchcockRealty.net or call (252) 269-2893.

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