Crystal Coast Saltwater Fishing Report

We have to start off the report about jumping mullet. We are right on the cusp of the great jumping mullet migration. The first strong and cool northerly wind we have known as a “mullet blow” will bring out literally millions and millions of jumping mullet from the sounds and backwaters through the inlets into the surf and inshore locations.

Crystal Coast Fall Fishing

For the recreational fishermen the significance is that this migration marks the beginning of the fantastic fall fishing. Almost all gamefish love mullet! King mackerel, Spanish mackerel, speckled trout, flounder, drum-You name it and the larger aggressive fish will go after live mullet.

Even if you are not a fishermen the mullet migration offers beach comers and spectators a sight. The picture you see here is one I snapped from the surf of Pine Knoll Shores in 2007. Every wave, three sets deep had mullet the size of your forearm in it.

crystal coast fishingYou also need to look around your toes too for the smaller version called “finger mullet”. These juvenile mullet are in the shallows of the surf right now.

“We are (currently) seeing an almost unlimited stream of jumping mullet minnows moving south in the surf right now, signaling the beginning of the fall migration!,” reports Mike Stanley, owner of the Bogue Inlet Pier.

Mullet Roe

The larger jumping mullet are full of roe and is considered a delicacy by locals and tried and true downeasters. One of the most common ways of serving mullet roe is either dried or mixed in with scrambled eggs. Good eats!

Certain areas are already seeing mullet so consequently big fish have moved in. Cape Lookout Shoals is seeing big spanish mackerel and king mackerel being caught in close.

Wait for it! Once the first good and cool northerly wind blows the exodus of mullet will occur and every big gamefish will move in very close to dine.

Bill Hitchcock is a retired television producer with 30 years involvement in the marine fisheries. He has served on national and international fisheries committees and conservation organizations. He is currently an Evangelist with

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