Crystal Coast 2013 Winter Fishing Report

Source: North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries

Offshore: The central coastal area has become home to North Carolina’s bluefin tuna fishery. Multiple hook-ups and multiple fish days are the norm rather than the exception. Striped bass are taken from Cape Lookout Shoals and other areas along the beach throughout the winter. Other offshore species such as king mackerel, yellowfin tuna and wahoo are available to Gulf Stream anglers.

Bottom fishing for reef fish excellent. There are several headboats that operate throughout the year. Some of the best snapper and grouper catches occur during the winter, providing a quality fishing experience. Bluefin tuna trips have also been offered in the past. Private boat anglers will enjoy many of the same opportunities as those mentioned for charter boat anglers.

Near-shore bluefin tuna fishing should be excellent. Those fishing offshore will have access to excellent catches of king mackerel.

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