Cold Weather Very Hot Fishing

How good is this fishing right now? Heck, even the charter captains are bragging about the charter captains!

“Captain Brian Harrington was Beeliner fishing yesterday in 110 feet of water and had a Wahoo in that shallow water eating the Beeliners off of the hook as he pulled them up,” reports Captain Dale Britt from the sportfishing vessel The Sensation.

Captain Britt went on to report of citation size wahoo catches, plenty of gapher dolphin (mahi-mahi) and multiple catch and releases of sailfish.

Yes folks-This is a winter time, December 2013 fishing report!

But hold on a second it gets much better. A good friend of mine Captain Joe Shute who’s been in the charter business longer than I have known him claims that red drum and speckled trout catches this December are, “Just about as good as I have seen in a long time”.

Joe is the master of fishing understatement.

Fishing the Haystacks, which is the large marsh area just north of the Morehead City high rise bridge has been very productive. So have the marshes between Beaufort and Harker’s Island. And of course, the Cape Lookout rock jetty is on fire too.

I can not list all of the places where trout and drum are being caught due to the sheer number of productive locations. Let me put it to you this way, if you know of a place where you have caught these fish in the past then I would be very confident that they are there now.

Bogue Inlet Pier just closed their fishing season but their last day showed great catches of bluefish, blowfish and black drum. Surf City Ocean Pier gave a similar report.

Fishing For Bluefin

I’m still waiting for the bluefin tuna to show up. I haven’t heard anything from any North Carolina boat. These large fish that average in the 300-500 pound range normally are here by now. Let’s see what happens.

This fall and now winter fishing along the Crystal Coast has been excellent, one of the best ever. If you get the chance-Go Fishing!

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