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Coastal News and Issues. Several very important coastal issues are being discussed on a state and federal level. Several bills are in the North Carolina legislature that could affect boating and fishing along our coast. Other possible restrictions may be coming from the federal government that could prohibit or alter how we recreate along the beaches and in the surf of the Crystal Coast.

But let’s talk about something fun before we dive into the serious stuff.

Coastal News: Climb Up Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Coastal News and Coastal IssuesSuperintendent Pat Kenney announced that the Cape Lookout Lighthouse is open to the public for regular climbing. The lighthouse will be open four days per week – Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through September 21 of 2013. Climbs will begin every 15 minutes from 10:00 am until 3:45 pm with a limit of 10 people per tour. Read complete story: National Park Service

Coastal News: Inlet Dredging Issue Runs Aground

“The federal dredge boat Merritt is scheduled to work in Bogue Inlet between June 19 and July 2, if necessary. But, according to Carteret County Shore Protection Officer Rudi Rudolph, the work might not be needed. Two bills have been introduced to provide state funds for shallow-draft inlet dredging, and both have been controversial, for different reasons.” Read complete story: Tideland News

Coastal News: Turtle Protection to Include Crystal Coast Beaches

“Coastal leaders are concerned about a plan to designate 96 miles of North Carolina’s coast as critical sea turtle habitat. The federal proposal would expand to 739 miles the amount of Southeastern Atlantic shoreline considered vital to loggerhead sea turtle survival. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to include the beach areas from Lockwood Folly in Brusnwick County to the Carteret County shore in the new regulations.” Read complete story: Post & Voice

Coastal News: Gamefish Bill Survives Crossover

Through the chaos of changeover day in the state legislature, the proposed gamefish bill (HB 983) continues to sit quietly in a committee, still legislatively viable and apparently not forgotten.
“It’s definitely not dead,” said Deans Eatman, a staff member in the office of Rep. Michael Wray, a Northampton Democrat who is one of the bill’s primary sponsors.

Confusion reigned Friday over which proposed legislation survived changeover on Thursday, the day that bills had to move from one legislative chamber to the other to survive. But appropriation bills were not subject to changeover rules.  The gamefish proposal would make the three species off-limits to commercial fishermen and consumers. The proposed law requires the fish to be caught by hook-and-line only, and bars their sale.

Read complete story: Island Free Press

Coastal News: Restrictions Removed from NC Jetties and Groins

“The N.C. Senate on Wednesday passed a coastal policy reform bill that, among its doings, would remove limitations on terminal groins as a means of fighting inlet erosion. SB 151 the “Coastal Policy Reform Act of 2013,” filed by Sen. Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick), cleared the chamber on a 36-11 vote Wednesday evening.” Read complete story: Port City Daily

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