Coastal Fishing Report in a Word – Great!

No other time of the year do we have such perfect weather and fishing conditions as we do right now. Come down to the Crystal Coast and Go Fish Now!

Offshore boats have done extremely well with wahoo catches so far this year. It has been one of the best seasons for wahoo catches in many a year. Dolphin (mahi-mahi) landings are still hot and heavy with yellowfin, blackfin and albacore tunas mixed in.

Although this neck of the woods thinks of blue marlin in June, white marlin and sailfish catches are very (if not most heavy) in September going on into October. Gulfstream waters are still very warm right now. The warmer sections are 82-84 degrees. Billfish love warm waters.

fishing reportFall Fishing Report

But this is what makes October so exciting and so fish productive along the Crystal Coast. Inshore/nearshore water temperatures have started cooling down. It is not uncommon to be in 68-70 degree water temperatures heading out before you reach the gulfstream. Keeping in mind different species of fish like different water temperatures, you can go from one species like king mackerel inshore to billfish and tuna offshore all within a very short distance.

I highly encourage everyone to Google, “Sea surface temperatures” and click on the Rutgers University link. They provide (free of charge) satellite imagery of sea surface temperatures and update these images several times a day. October is a month of great transition. These images will show the different temperatures, warm and cold water pools and eddies and give a great knowledge towards weather and fishing conditions.

Pier, Wreck and Reef Fishing Report

Local piers like the Jolly Roger and Bogue Inlet continue to report great catches of Spanish mackerel. Spots and pompano, red and black drum, bluefish, flounder and albacore up to 5 pounds are being caught. The speckled trout, “blitz” from a week ago has cooled to a normal pace. Don’t worry, the great speckled trout fishing report from last week will be coming back very soon.

Spanish mackerel, bluefish and albacore have been decent to think in Bogue and Beaufort Inlets. King mackerel reports have been good from the east side of Cape Lookout Shoals to Beaufort Inlet sea buoy and wrecks and reefs like AR330, Atlas Tanker, Big 10, Little 10 and the Dallas Rock.

I can’t stress enough that at no other time of the year do you get such perfect weather and fishing conditions. Call in to work well, come to the Crystal Coast and Go Fishing! We would love to get a fishing report from you!

Bill Hitchcock spent 30 years in fisheries and fisheries related media and management with work ranging from international conservation efforts to producing national and international television programs.

Bill Hitchcock is an Evangelist with Refining Truth ministries and can be found online at

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