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Hitchcock Realty Relocation Services

You can count on unbiased, straight answers from Hitchcock Realty about Crystal Coast area, schools, shopping, recreation, employment etc. We help buyers identify neighborhoods that are compatible with your lifestyle when relocating to coastal North Carolina. Regardless whether you are relocating for the first time or have been experienced before, moving to a new destination is never easy…

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The Beautiful Crystal Coast of NC

The Crystal Coast’s 1064 square miles is nearly half land and half water. It is composed of 531 square miles of land and 533 square miles of water. Crystal Coast beaches face south from the southern point of Core Banks at Cape Lookout to the west end of Bogue Banks. Therefore, the sun rises, sets and tracks along the ocean beaches for the length of each day. The day-long sparkle on the ocean water gives…

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Crystal Coast July Real Estate Report

It seems odd to say it. But the real estate market in the Crystal Coast is improving. Why is it odd to say? Mainly because it goes against the grain of just about every report I’ve given over the past several years. But, and this is a big “but”, we are nowhere close to being out of the woods yet. Let’s take a peek at some of the July highlights.

Let’s start off with some good news. July saw 137 homes sold, the most sold for...

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